Tea Tree Oil for Scabies

Quite a few people are starting to use tea tree oil for scabies, even though it isn’t necessarily a ‘mainstream’ scabies treatment yet. Currently, there are many people in the holistic community that use tea tree oil to treat many afflictions (including scabies, obviously). The natural remedy has been used for many generations by the Aborigines in Australia, who have used it to treat a wide variety of skin problems, such as: dandruff, cuts, scrapes, ringworm, and herpes (a wide variety, indeed).

Still, at this point, practitioners have reservations about recommending tea tree oil to their patients. The justification for this is fairly simple: there haven’t been enough empirical studies conducted in regards to the efficacy of tee tree oil as a treatment for scabies.

Aside from first line scabies treatments, such as permethrin and lindane, there are other treatments for scabies that are preferred by most practitioners over natural scabies treatments, like tea tree oil. Additionally, sulfur, which is another natural scabies remedy, is also more frequently recommended for scabies at this point.

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Tea Tree Oil in the Future

Even though there isn’t a whole lot of clinical research to validate the effectiveness of tea tree oil, the research that has been conducted does show, thus far, that it can effectively kill scabies in patients.

Consequently, tea tree oil has been touted as the potential first line scabies treatment of the future. There’s good reason to be excited, too. Obviously, a natural solution, such as tee tree oil, would be preferable to most patients over the insecticides, like permethrin, that are currently used to treat scabies. Additionally, there have been growing reports of patients developing drug-resistances to solutions like permethrin, which is why many people are hoping that more clinical tests are conducted on tee tree oil’s ability to treat scabies.

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Applying Tee Tree Oil

It should be noted, that, should a patient decide to try out tea tree oil, that the 100% solution is not what should be applied. That is a very potent solution, and it could very easily aggravate the skin. The 5% tee tree oil solution is the one that is usually recommended. That 5% solution is the one that was recently found to kill scabies as effectively as first line treatments of the affliction, including benzyl benzoate and permethrin.

The 5% tea tree oil solution can be found in a kit, or a soap. It must be applied from the neck down. Patients can also add 10-20 drops of a 100% solution into a bath, and then soak for about twenty minutes.


So, indeed, tea tree oil for scabies may be a common prescription in the future. However, at this point, it is not a standard treatment for scabies. Moreover, as far as natural treatments for scabies go, sulfur solutions, such as Naturasil, are usually considered to be a more effective option.

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