FAQ: Do Scabies Affect the Face and Head?

Many patients who’ve been diagnosed with scabies worry about the mites getting onto their faces. It’s kind of a scary thought, undoubtedly. However, this usually doesn’t occur, so patients probably don’t need to worry about it. Only in very severe cases of the affliction will the scabei mites migrate their way onto a patient’s face.

Crusted Scabies

That being said, if a patients has crusted scabies, then it may be different story altogether, as scabei mites are often observed on the faces of patients with crusted scabies. Crusted scabies is a much nastier variation of scabies. It commonly affects people with suppressed immune systems, such as individuals with HIV and AIDS. It’s much more common in the third world. If you suspect that you’ve acquired crusted scabies, then make sure to get into see a doctor immediately.

Scabies Face Treatment — Ivermectin

Ivermectin is often used to treat patients who are suffering from crusted scabies, or who have severe cases where the mites have migrated above the neckline. It is given in pill form and it can typically get rid of the affliction. Generally, Ivermectin is believed to be the best option to treat crusted scabies.


Permethrin is a very effective treatment for patients who are suffering with the normal variety of scabies. It’s not used quite as often to treat crusted scabies, or patients with scabies on their faces (Ivermectin is usually preferred in these cases).

Permethrin is a topical product that usually only requires a round or two of treatment to get rid of scabies in patients with the standard variety of the affliction. To learn more about permethrin, see the front page of this website regarding scabies treatment.

Alternative Treatments for Scabies

There are some alternative treatment options for scabies, though permethrin and ivermectin are usually considered to the best options for patients with the affliction. Benzyl benzoate is one such alternative treatment option, though it is used more often in the third world, due to its low cost. Still, it is typically effective. Sulfur in petrolatum is another option (a natural one, also) that is commonly used to treat infants and pregnant women.

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