Scabies Cure – Is There a Miracle Cure for Scabies?

Unfortunately, there is no scabies cure, but there are treatments available that can kill those annoying mites. Patients should be skeptical of any sources that claim to have a secret cure for scabies, as these are very likely to be scams.

Why Patients Should Be Skeptical of Scabies Cures

Unfortunately, there just isn’t a product out there that is capable of curing scabies in one night, although there a number of products that claim to be able to do this. The reality is that, in many cases, it may take as long as two weeks for the symptoms of scabies to cease. That being said, there are some over the counter products, such as antihistamines, which may help patients cope with the disease in the mean time. Antihistamines are said to be particularly effective in helping patients deal with the itchiness associated with scabies.

Treatment for Scabies

Again, there isn’t a scabies cure, but all patients should be able to find an effective treatment option and get back to normal within a few weeks of an infestation. Now, a few scabies treatment will be discussed briefly. Alternatively, you can check out the homepage more in-depth information on the topic of scabies treatment.


Permethrin is a very effective topical treatment for scabies, and it is often the first-line choice of practitioners to treat the affliction. There are other scabies treatments on the market that are effective, but permethrin has an advantage over most of those treatments due to the fact that it usually only requires a single round of treatment to rid patients of the disease. Patient compliance rates are high because of the single-dose requirement.

Other Treatments

There are other treatments for scabies out there, including benzyl benzoate, lindane. There are also some natural scabies treatments available that are increasing in popularity, and will be studied more in the future. Again, these treatments aren’t typically first-line treatments, but they may used under certain circumstances, especially in the developing world. Again, to read more about some of the most effective treatments for scabies, learn how to apply these treatments, and more, check out the scabies treatment homepage.

No Cure for Scabies – Conclusion

There is no shortage of people claiming to have natural cures for everything these days, and scabies is certainly one the afflictions that many people claim can be cured. Ultimately though, there is no scabies cure, but there are treatments available that can eliminate the disease fairly quickly, so see your doctor to discuss these treatments as soon as possible if you believe you have scabies.

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