Over the Counter Scabies Treatment | Is There an Effective Scabies Treatment Available Over the Counter?

When it comes to scabies treatment, patients shouldn’t be shy about consulting a doctor, as it is very easy to treat this ailment. However, patients should beware of some over the counter scabies treatments, along with proclaimed scabies miracle cures, as many of these these treatment options are ineffective.

Still, there are otc treatments that can provide itch relief, and treatments that can treat the disease itself. The top itch relievers for scabies, along with the top otc treatment of the disease, will be discussed in this article.


Antihistamines provide relief from the most common scabies symptom: itching. However, antihistamines will only treat itching, and not kill the annoying mites that are causing the itching. Benadryl, of course, is the most well-known antihistamine on the market, but other generic antihistamines are also effective.

Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is another itch reliever that many patients with scabies find effective. However, calamine lotion won’t actually treat the disease either.


Naturasil is perhaps the most well-known provider of otc scabies treatment products. These products contain natural ingredients that have been proven to be effective in treating the disease, including tea tree oil and sulfur. Naturasil’s Scabies Treatment Starter Pack is one of the most powerful and effective otc options available for scabies patients.

Traditional Treatments

Permethrin is the treatment for scabies treatment that is prescribed most frequently by practitioners. It is generally very effective, but some people are skeptical of permethrin, due to the fact that is a pesticide; additionally, according to the FDA, it is a weak carcinogen (cancer-causing substance).

Still, it should be noted that permethrin is generally believed to be safe in small doses. At the same time, natural, sulfur and tea tree oil products, such as Naturasil, were recently found to be as effective as permethrin. So, some patients may interested in trying a natural product before moving onto a pesticide, such as permethrin.

Using Over The Counter Scabies Treatments

So, once again, there are quite a few over the counter creams and lotions for the treatment of scabies. But, as was mentioned earlier, the unfortunate truth about most of these products is that they are not one bit effective in the treatment of scabies.

Of course, there are exceptions. Antihistamines, for instance, are available over the counter and they may provide some relief of itching, although they won’t get rid of the source of the problem — the scabei mites.

Then, naturasil is another treatment option that can actually get rid of scabies, and it is often regarded as the best otc remedy for the annoying disease. You can learn more about naturasil for scabies by visiting the naturasil website.

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