Natural Scabies Treatments – Tee Tree Oil, Sulfur, and Others

Some people may be interested in finding out about various natural scabies treatments. Recent studies suggest that there are a number of seemingly effective natural treatments available, though these treatments aren’t being widely used to treat scabies (at least not yet). Tea tree oil, along with sulfur (mentioned on the scabies treatment homepage) are perhaps the most promising of these natural scabies treatments.

Tee Tree Oil For Scabies

Tee tree oil is commonly used by naturalists and herbalists all over the world. It is used to treat acne, athlete’s foot, herpes, dandruff, ringworm, cuts, scrapes and many other skin afflictions, including scabies. What duct tape is to nonspecific household tasks, tea tree oil is to common skin problems.

However, Tee Tree oil is not yet considered to be a conventional scabies treatment at this point (which isn’t to imply that it won‘t be in the future). Currently, Permethrin is the standard treatment for scabies, at least in industrialized countries (its relatively high cost is a treatment barrier in poorer countries).

Still, tea tree oil is becoming an increasingly popular natural remedy for scabies, even though it hasn’t been thoroughly tested yet. The fact that permethrin, lindane, and many other first-line scabies treatments are pesticides is perhaps one reason for that natural remedies for scabies, such as tea tree oil, are becoming more popular.

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A Promising Future

Tee tree oil has been shown to be an effective natural scabies treatment, though there have been relatively few medical studies conducted in regards to its efficacy in treating the disease. Despite a lack of empirical research, tee tree oil does seem to be an effective Sarcopic (scabies) mite killer.

Accordingly, medical professionals around the world are very enthusiastic about tee tree oil’s potential, as a natural scabies treatment, in the not too far distant future. Reports of drug-resistances are increasing in other common treatments for scabies, including permethrin, which is yet another reason why tee tree oil may soon be considered an effective scabies treatment.

Applying Tee Tree oil

Applying 100% tee tree oil is not a good idea, as it may further irritate the skin. Recently, an Australian study found that a 5% tee tree oil solution was approximately as effective as other common scabies treatments, such as permethrin and benzyl bezonate. So, the 5% solution is probably your best bet.

You can buy a 5% tee tree oil kit, or find a soap that is specially made for scabies treatment. Make sure to apply the tee tree oil to the entire body, from the neck down.

Another option is adding 10-20 drops of tee tree oil into a warm bath and soaking for 20 minutes or so. It’s best to do this until the symptoms go away, which could take a few weeks.

Neem Oil for Scabies

Neem oil is another natural treatment for scabies that some naturalists and herbalists are already using. Again, empirical research via medical research has not been performed to this point, but it is another potential future scabies treatment.

Neem oil is often combined with tumeric, another commonly used natural product, into a paste. This combination of neem oil and tumeric is said by some to be a particularly effective natural remedy for scabies.

However, there are varying application instructions for this natural scabies remedy. Generally, it is advised that patients apply it on three consecutive nights, but there are some sites that only recommend one application.


Sulfur solutions, such as the Naturasil Scabies Treatment Pack, are technically a natural remedy for scabies. Sulfur is commonly used as a treatment for infants under two months old, but is also effective for adults.

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Sulfur solutions can also be obtained at many pharmacies, and they should be applied from the neck down (following a shower and subsequent dry-off) and then left on overnight. It is usually recommended that this is done on three consecutive days. Checking with your doctor before applying sulfur, or any other medication, is always recommended.

Other Natural Scabies Treatments?

There certainly could be other natural scabies treatments available. Garlic and onion skins are suggested treatment options, though once again, there is no significant evidence to verify that either can effectively treat scabies.


Tea tree oil, neem oil, and sulfur are the most popular natural remedies for scabies. Moreover, Naturasil’s sulfur products  are among the more popular otc, natural options available, for those interested. However, seeking the advice of a doctor is always a wise approach to treatment.

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