Is Scabies an STD? | Scabies FAQs

Many people wonder whether or not scabies is an std, and often times, scabies is a disease that is transmitted sexually. However, close contact of any kind can result in a transmission of the disease. I emphasize close contact for a reason, as a simple handshake or pat on the back is unlikely to lead to a scabies transmission.

Sarcoptic scabiei mites, as they’re known, tend to gravitate toward the genitals of their hosts, which is the main reason why the disease is often acquired via sexual intercourse. It’s not a pleasant thought, undoubtedly. That being said, scabies is a disease that is almost always treatable, so seeing a doctor will, in virtually all cases, take care of the problem.

Is Scabies an STD? | Scabiei mites tend to affect these areas

Here, the areas of the body most affected by an outbreak of scabies are illustrated. Source: CDC

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Scabies is NOT Necessarily an STD

Some people get the disease and immediately suspect that their spouse or sexual partner has been cheating on them, but that isn’t always the case. People who work in the medical field — particularly nurses and others who have close contact with patients — tend to be exposed to scabies on a fairly frequent basis. So, if you or your partner work in the health field, it’s possible that one of you were exposed to scabies at work.

Additionally, individuals who reside in crowded living quarters may be at a higher risk of acquiring scabies. People living in slum-like conditions, in particular, are susceptible to acquiring scabies via a means other than sexual contact. Still, others who live in group-living situations — such as fraternities, or nursing homes — may also be at risk of acquiring scabies if an outbreak occurs.

Is Scabies an STD? | Closing Thoughts

Once again, it should be noted that close contact of any kind can lead to a scabies transmission. That being said, there’s no denying that sexual contact is the most efficient means of transmission.

Ideally, any person who’s been infected with scabies should tell all individuals who they’ve been in close contact with (family members, sexual partners, etc) that they have the disease, as it takes a few weeks for scabies symptoms to become noticeable, and preemptive treatment for all exposed individuals is generally recommended by all medical professionals.

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