Potential Complications of Scabies – An Overview

Complications aren’t particularly common among scabies patients, but they are possible. Potential complications of scabies include:


Patients should try to avoid scratching in an overly vigorous manner, as this can lead to infections, such as impetigo — a very contagious skin infection that can develop as a result of vigorous itching. Ecthyma, which affects the second layer of skin, or the dermis,  is a more serious form of impetigo that can also develop as a result of excessive itching.

Antibiotics can treat both of these conditions, in most cases. However, scarring is possible, which is why avoiding intense itching is recommended.

Crusted Scabies

Crusted scabies is considerably more serious (and contagious) than the standard variation of the disease. Imunocompromised patients, and individuals in crowded living conditions (such as nursing homes) tend to be vulnerable to crusted scabies.

Distinctive, scaly crusts form all throughout the body in cases of crusted scabies. In these crusts are, in most cases, thousands of scabiei mites (comparatively, only 10-12 mites are usually involved in an outbreak of ‘regular’ scabies).

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Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions to most common scabies treatments (with the possible exception of lindane) are fairly rare. Numbness, redness, stinging, burning, and swelling are a few possible side effects of permethrin, one of the most common scabies treatments, but these side effects are usually not serious. However, if these side effects become persistent or particularly bothersome, then be sure to check with your doctor.

Ineffective Rounds of Treatment

Ineffective treatments are more of an inconvenience than a complication, but they can be a fairly monumental burden to many patients. In these cases, doctors may have patients try a different medication, up the number of doses of the previously prescribed medication, or prescribe ivermectin (an oral anti-parasitic drug) as a supplementary scabies treatment. Most of the time though, one round of treatment can sufficiently eliminate the disease.

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