Best Scabies Treatment | What is the Best Treatment for Scabies?

Of all the frequently asked questions regarding scabies, this is perhaps the common one. Most medical professionals would assert that permethrin is the best scabies treatment option available, though many naturalists and herbalists would disagree with that assertion, primarily due to the fact that permethrin is, ultimately, a pesticide.

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Why Permethrin?

Permethrin is believed to be the best scabies treatment option for three reasons: 1. it’s been clinically tested over the course of many years. 2. It is highly effective, eliminating the scabiei mites in the vast majority of cases. 3. It seems to be the safest of the so-called “scabicides,” I.e. scabiei killing pesticides.

Other scabicides, such as lindane and benzoyal peroxide, tend to have a lot of side effects. Additionally, skin irritation can be a significant problem with these alternative treatments for scabies; skin irritation tends to be much less of a problem with permethrin, though it is still a common side effect.

Alternatives – Natural Treatments for Scabies

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is the natural remedy for scabies that is perhaps the most highly-touted remedy of the moment. There was one recent study, conducted in Australia, that found tea tree oil to be as effective as permethrin. Detractors would argue that one study isn’t nearly enough, and that many more years of study are necessary before tea tree oil can become a “mainstream” treatment option for scabies.

Still, tea tree oil is currently being used to treat scabies all around the world, and there are many proponents of this natural treatment option. These proponents are likely to cite the fact that permethrin is both a pesticide and weak carcinogen (cancer causing material) as reasons why tea tree oil is a superior option. Still, it should be noted that, by and large, permethrin is believed to be perfectly safe in small doses, and it is approved by the FDA to treat scabies.

Sulfur in Petrolatum

This is a natural remedy that is frequently used to treat scabies in pregnant women and infants. It is regarded by some as the best scabies treatment of the natural variety, and it has tested in a clinical setting more than tea tree oil has been tested. It has milder properties than permethrin, but is still quite effective, which is the main reason why it’s appealing by patients and practitioners alike.

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Best Scabies Treatment – Conclusion

So, depending on who you ask, the best treatment option for scabies is either going to be permethrin, or another natural remedy, like tea tree oil and sulfur in petrolatum. There are even suggested home remedies for the affliction, such as garlic skins, that some recommend, but the results you’re likely to get with such a home remedy is likely to vary significantly…

Best Scabies Treatment
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